Libby And Steph – Good Vibrators

Video: Libby And Steph - Good Vibrators

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Tamber Videos
Two fucking hot grandmas get naked and nasty with each other. Steph arrives at Libby’s house and is invited indoors. It is only when they are in the living room that Steph announces she is selling sex toys. Libby is shocked at this, but soon warms to the idea of being shown how they work. Before long both lovely ladies are naked and using all the toys to the fullest use.

Stars: Steph, Libby Ellis

Hot 60+ #17

Video: Hot 60+  #17

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Channel 69 Video
Eva, Rita, April Ashley and Marie are the most active 60 yr. old women. With their ages, sex and its full experience are at its peak.

If you like it with teeth or without, they accommodate both spectrums. Here with Channel69 studio, the oldest and hottest sluts around fuck and suck cock in the retirement homes!

Stars: Rita, Eva, Marie, April Ashley

Grandma Is Very Horny #2

Video: Grandma Is Very Horny #2

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Hell’s Ground Productions
Now, we all love our grandma’s and we want to see them happy. However, for some of them, just a visit from family is not enough. They’d rather have a stiff, young, juicy cock between their flabby thighs pounding their old, wrinkled pussy with no mercy like only young horny men can do. These old hags are not ready for retirement any time soon. A whore house…maybe, but definitely not an old people’s home. Way to go grandma! Enjoy!

Stars: Maria, Lorena, Irene, Alex (female), Gulchita, Boleg

Geriatric G Spot 2

Video: Geriatric G Spot 2

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This prehistoric pussy is ready to show a fella a dirty ass time. Willing to get adventurous and stray from what they know, these old dogs are trying new tricks as each of them invites a big dick in their ancient asses. Screw Bingo! These grannies want rock hard cock in their aged pussies and asses! OOH, who’s your Granny?

Stars: Irene, Francine, Bertha, Alberta

Over The Hill Nymphos #2

Video: Over The Hill Nymphos #2

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Lifelong horn dogs don’t slow down in their old age. They still want sex all of the time and just mature into over the hill nymphos who can’t wait to rock your world! Welcome to grandma’s playroom…she’s gonna fuck you silly with the sucking and fucking skills she’s acquired over the years! She may teach you something while you pounding that pussy until you explode!

Stars: Mia, Rubee Tuesday, Candy Cooze, Angela Cee, Jillian Foxxx, More…

In Ekstase

Video: In Ekstase

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You will be in elder woman bliss! The second scene leads to a variety of scenes all taking place at the same time. The juices following between these legs is good enough to eat and indulge in. Enjoy as these elder women turn up the heat and bring down the house with their fussy pussies covered in cum!

60 Nakadashi Sex Nobue Toyota

Video: 60 Nakadashi Sex Nobue Toyota

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Academic strikes again with another sexy, 60 plus female ready her close-up. They just keep finding all these sexy older women that are out to prove that they still have what it takes to make any horny guys cum and cum hard. This time they bring you the beautiful Nobue Toyota. Don’t get fooled by her name, she’s not here to sell cars. She came to show off sexual talents and to take a hot cream pie in her experienced pussy.

Stars: Nobue Toyota

I Was 18 50 Years Ago 6

Video: I Was 18 50 Years Ago 6

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White Ghetto
You young whippersnappers don’t know what you are missing out on. I am always willing to give it up, unlike those young little prudes.

I just love a good fuck to keep the old ticker all revved up. Did I mention I give the best gum jobs ever?! Just move my walker out of the way and stick it whenever you want!

Stars: Lola, Eva, Afrodita, Leona

Old & Nasty Grandmas 4

Video: Old & Nasty Grandmas 4

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Totally Tasteless Video
These nana’s don’t have time for no rugrats, knitting or bingo. There are no Red Hats; they still drive their own cars and the senior center is off limits because they choose fucking as their extracurricular activity.

They may be old but they haven’t gone cold! These smokin’ hot grannies crave some real nasty action! And these horny, hung studs know just how to bang these active grandmas! Enjoy!

Stars: Dana Hayes, Sharon Kane, Dino Bravo, Tony Michaels, Lucky, More…

Granny Blow

Video: Granny Blow

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Sandy Bunz
These girls just love to flat out suck cock with hard rock music playing in the background…What could be better? They just want to caress their wet juicy lips all around your hard cock as they stroke you at the same time until you cum all over them. Here we have a compilation of women who just know how to give really good blowjobs. Cum enjoy 4 scenes!